Chris Dunbar is an Ipswich based artist who began experimenting with photography as a means of visual communication in 1998. For over 10 years he worked exclusively in traditional black and white techniques, developing and printing his work in his darkroom.

Inspired by a visit to an exhibition of works by Andy Warhol, Chris began to explore printmaking using photosensitive processes and the ability to crossover traditional photography with fine art printmaking.  His primary areas of interest revolve around concepts of beauty and story telling. A great deal of his recent photographic work is nature based, as this is where he finds beauty has its greatest depth.

As Chris began to explore his creative process even further he began an adventure into the world of ceramics. His practice has focused on wheel thrown pieces although other techniques are sometimes used.

At the core of his work you will always find a catalyst that drives the outcome – heat, light or chemical reaction.

Chris Camera_1mb

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