The Bohemians

The ever present, but always over looked insect subculture that dwells in our gardens, forests and often our homes became a point of fascination for me. Most people fondly remember catching ‘bugs’ as a child, but by adulthood they have forgotten the pleasure of looking closely at nature and exploring the treasure within the foliage. In fact, if an insect is to land on an unsuspecting adult, shrieks of fear and the familiar call of ‘get it off me!’ often replaces the childhood fondness.

The Bohemian project began as an investigation into nature’s beauty that is within our reach and why the actual existence and value of the small bohemian-like creatures in our lives is largely ignored. To illustrate their acceptance of our world, I sort to capture images of native insects on exotic blooms and foliage. Whilst I prefer not to ascribe human characteristics to animals, along the way I began to see an intrinsic harmony in the lives of the tiny creatures through the lens in front of me. This project is my way of  sharing of the places the Bohemians took me and the thoughts that they laid before me.

This collection of images evolved into my first book “The Bohemians” and it is available for sale in a number of print options at

Individual images or sets are also available on a variety of papers.